What Does a Grey Arrow Mean on Snapchat

What is Snapchat

What does a Grey Arrow mean on Snapchat?

What does a gray box mean on snapchat?

What does grey arrow check mean?

What can we do about the Grey Arrow?

What Are the Colors Arrow mean on Snapchat?

  1. A Red solid Arrow: You have sent your friend a Snap with no sound.
  2. Red unfilled Arrow icon: Your friend opened your Snap with no sound.
  3. Red square: Your friend sent you a Snap with no sound.
  4. A red unfilled square: This friend has sent you a Snap without sound.
  5. Red double-unfilled arrows : This Snapchat photo was taken by a friend, without audio.
  6. A red circle without an arrowhead: This friend played a Snap with no sound or audio.
  7. Purple solid Arrow: This friend was Snapchatted with audio.
  8. Unfilled Purple Arrow: Your friend opened your Snapchat with audio.
  9. Purple square: Your friend just snapped you with audio.
  10. A purple unfilled square: This buddy has sent you a Snap with audio.
  11. Purple double-unfilled arrows: A friend took Snaps with audio to take a screenshot.
  12. A purple circle with an arrowhead was shown by the buddy. He played a Snap with sound.
  13. Blue Arrows Solid: Your friend has received a Chat message.
  14. Blue unfilled Arrow: Your chat message has been received by a friend.
  15. A blue solid square: You were contacted by a friend via a chat message.
  16. Unfilled blue square: This contact has received a Chat message.
  17. Blue double-unfilled arrows: A chat friend took a screenshot from a Chat message.
  18. Gray solid Arrow: This gray solid arrow indicates that a user hasn’t accepted your friend request. It means you’re not sending it to someone who hasn’t yet accepted it.
  19. Gray unfilled Square: A pending or expired undelivered Snaps or Chat notification has been sent.




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